Prep Impressions: Sept. 4, 2009

I covered the Duarte-San Bernardino Cajon varsity football game for the Riverside Press-Enterprise on Friday, Sept. 4 2009 and came away thinking I had never seen such a one-sided performance in all my life.

Cajon won the game, 55-0, and only ran 17 offensive plays. Of the five plays the Cowboys (1-0) ran in the second half, three went for touchdowns. Cajon’s starting tailback, junior Jamael Kazee (5-foot-6, 150 lbs), scored two touchdowns on just two carries. Cajon’s starting fullback, senior Christian Donaldson (5-8, 175), ran for two more scores on just three carries.

Defensively, Cajon punished Duarte from pillar to post. The Cowboys defense took back 27 yards in the first half. If not for a couple of sloppy plays in the final moments, the Cowboys defense would’ve also held Duarte to negative yardage in the second half (they allowed four yards). Duarte, for the game, amassed minus-23 yards.

It was as complete a dismantling as I’ve ever witnessed. You can view a video here.

Cajon coach Kim Battin:

“Anytime you go Week 0 it’s good to win but we’ve got a lot of things to work on before next week.”

Like what, coach?

“Our kicking game was bad. We made some mistakes offensively, defensively. Blew some coverages.”

So was Cajon really good tonight? Or is Duarte just that bad?

“(Duarte) is obviously trying to turn it around over there but we couldn’t worry about that. We just have to worry about ourselves. Last year they were 6-6 and lost in the quarterfinals and when we scheduled them that’s what we thought we were going to get. They had a 2,200 yard back and two QBs that each threw for 700 or so yards (transfer out) so obviusly things have changed and there’s been some problems that they’re trying to fix.”

So when it was 35-0 at halftime, you decided to slow it down a little?

“We had no starters in after the first play of the second half. Everybody on our sideline played. We were trying to keep (the score) down as best we could but you can’t tell they guys who are are out there not to play their hardest. It’s not a pretty thing.”

Duarte coach Lavell Sanders:

“Coming down here tonight, playing against a team that made it to the semifinals… that’s pretty much what I expected. Cajon is a good team and they’re physical and that’s what I like.”

Where’s your team, coach? (Duarte suited just 21 players.)

“I got like eight little freshman out there. They didn’t have a clue about what they were going to get into. They were a little shell-shocked.”

The game really looked like a varsity vs. JV scrimmage. The mismatches were evident all over the field but no more so than on the outside, where it was humorous seeing Duarte freshman Juan Horta (5-5, 125) back-peddling and bumping against Cajon senior Lance Kennedy (6-3, 180).

In the end, what positives can Duarte possibly take away from a game in which it was held to negative yardage? It’s hard to find any.

Contemporary J.P. Hoornstra wondered aloud who was going to pat the Duarte players on their shoulders following such a lop-sided loss.

My response? Only their mamas.

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