FOUR & MORE: Reasons To Like Ontario Pro Soccer


Professional soccer is such a nebulous thing. There are leagues everywhere. You probably have an uncle, on your dad’s side of the family, who played or knows someone who did.

Well this is the first time pro soccer has come to Citizen’s Business Bank Arena in Ontario (Ca.), and there are reasons to be excited.

1. The new coach is charismatic. Bernie Lilavois picked up his phone the first time I called him and answered all my questions. And this was right after the press conference announcing the team.

2. The league is not completely made up. The Professional Arena Soccer League, or PASL-Pro, is a budding league that could be on the verge of something beautiful.

3. The new coach has had success. Lilavois coached the league’s first championship team in 2008-’09 and was the coach of the league’s Anaheim franchise last season. Both of those teams are not competing this season.

4. The CBBA’s GM thinks it’s a good thing. Steve Eckerson said that are “no false expectations” and promises “This isn’t some kind of amateur team; this is professional.”

AND MORE: Lilavois is the owner, general manager and coach. All questions lead directly up the chain of command because he is the chain of command.

Lilavois has said there will be open tryouts. That’s right, coming soon there will be men too old to really compete sweating their lives away at one more shot at a life of professional soccer. You could be one of them.

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