CLOSER LOOK: Notre Dame’s Wesley Smith

Take a closer look at Notre Dame sophomore Wesley Smith and you’ll see the budding of immense talent.

Smith knows how to get open and what to do once he’s there with the ball. He rushed for 51 yards and one TD on eight carries, and caught four passes for 69 yards in a 31-8 victory over arch rival San Bernardino Aquinas in week 4.

He’s often compared to Texas Tech junior LB Will Smith because they’re brothers. Will was the starting tailback in 2010 as Notre Dame run the ball out of mostly I-form sets. He’s now blowing up receivers and a few running backs on Saturday’s This is a great moment for them. for the Red Raiders.

“Wesley Smith is a breakout sophomore. I think he’s No. 9 in the county in touchdowns and he’s only going to get bigger, faster and stronger. He played for Team USA, and his brother is Will Smith who plays for Texas Tech and starts at LB. Wesley is the real deal,” Notre Dame coach Peter McGowan said.

We caught up with Smith following the Titans first win over Aquinas in four tries, and with it the epic shield representative of the game’s nickname — the Holy War.

“We were very excited. We all had to focus on this game. We can take a lot from tonight,” Smith said.

Like what?

“We can brush aside the recent history we have with this team and move on,” he said.

Why was this game important to you?

“It’s important because these seniors are very important to us and we need to do this for them. We appreciate it and we just want to do it for them,” he said.

A few more games under his belt, maybe even a (gulp) playoff game, would go a long way toward expediting his development. Not that anyone wants to rush anything.

One Response to “CLOSER LOOK: Notre Dame’s Wesley Smith”
  1. Mr. Alvarado (Campus Minister of Notre Dame High School) says:

    It’s Called the “Holy War” not “Holy Way” just for clarification.

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