CLOSER LOOK: San G.’s Tahir Rasheed-Mills

Take a closer look at San Gorgonio senior Tahir Rasheed-Mills and you’ll see one of the premier athletes in the Inland Area.

What you won’t see are the players around him, even though San Gorgonio has some pretty good ones.

“Tahir’s been a quality football player all year long (but) what I think compliments him, and what I think people tend to miss sometimes, is that we have so many weapons,” San Gorgonio coach Ron Gueringer said. “We feel like all our wide receivers are weapons — most of them caught the ball tonight. It’s hard to concentrate on taking away one guy. You try to take one guy away from us we think we got a balanced football team and we got a lot of weapons and I think we proved it tonight.”

Playmakers like Tazha Muhammed, Alvin Bibbs, Dante Finney, Nathan Meadors and Wesley Hill are the start. San Gorgonio has good line play and competent special teams.

But Tahir (pronounced like Tie-ear) is the man, whether or not he himself chooses to deflect the praise.

“I was confident in my team,” Rasheed-Mills said.” I’ve got to give all respect to the players around me. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here right now. I give all respect to my lineman, all respect to my receivers. Our defense played a tremendous job.”

The 6-foot-2, 180-pound QB accounted for four scores vs. Rialto Carter in Week 9, including an 29-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter.

“It was a fly fake, quarterback boot out with Tazha (Muhammed),” Rasheed-Mills said. “We had barely put in that play this week. We fake fly sweep. The defense went to the right. I’m wide open. We knew it was going to work cause we watched the film. I’m so proud of Tazha.”

Had Rasheed-Mills ever caught a touchdown pass, or scored three different ways in a game as he did vs. Carter?

“Well, na,” he said. “I can’t say I’ve had a game like today. It was a tremendous day for me and my team.”

What does it mean to be going for a 10-0 record?

“Everything! We’re making a statement,” Rasheed-Mills said. “Finally, people are starting to see San G. like at first we were at the bottom and we weren’t getting any respect. Now, we’re at the top so people are starting to recognize. I’m here to tell them that we’re here, we’re home and we’re here to fight.”

Rasheed-Mills says “My personal goals is to lead my team to a championship,” and struggled when he tried to come up with a second personal goal.

His life appears to be the game. Can he play it at the next level?

“Of course. I’ve been thinking about playing college my whole life. I love it. I’m thinking about playing football for the rest of my life,” he said.


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