Prep Impressions: Week 1

Riverside Norte Vista (black and red) totaled 320 rushing yards vs. Lake Arrowhead Rim of the World in Week 1.

Riverside Norte Vista (black and red) totaled 320 rushing yards vs. Lake Arrowhead Rim of the World in Week 1.

I covered the Lake Arrowhead Rim of the World-Riverside Norte Vista varsity football game on Friday, Sept. 6, 2015, for The Press-Enterprise, @pecom_preps & and came away thinking I totally missed a great performance.

I must’ve been sleeping, because I didn’t include Crenshaw’s incredible performance. The 6-foot, 180-pound DB/WR scored three different ways in a 56-15 victory over Lake Arrowhead Rim of the World.

Crenshaw caught an outlet pass from QB Chris Kilgore and sprinted 44 yards for a TD as time expired in the second quarter, opened the third quarter with an 84-yard kickoff return for a TD, and bombed around the corner for a 76-yard scoring run in the fourth.

How I didn’t see it I don’t know. I was wrapped up in Freddie Holly mania, I suppose. It is a massive oversight on my part, however, and I’ll need to make up for it.

Norte Vista (1-0 overall) was bullish running the ball, totaling 320 yards on the ground. Kilgore is sneaky fast.

Rim of the World (0-1) has a few nice pieces but will be hard pressed to compete every week. Only having 22 players on a roster is not optimal.

Rim of the World head coach Ernie Madrigal:
“We’ll have enough guys out there but we just have to teach these kids the complete game of football. Understanding an offensive lineman is an offensive lineman. Not just a center. Not just a guard. He’s not a tackle. Make them understand the whole package, and the skill guys understanding what everybody’s doing and we’ll be fine. Most of the guys know but some of the backup guys only want to work their one spot but now they understand they need to work all their spots.”

It’s not that difficult because they get more reps when we do stuff like this so they’re getting more reps than everybody else. It’s the back-ups who don’t want to pay attention that’s what kills us. And we try to rotate to get around but they get in there and it just starts all over again.”

We wanted to confuse (Freddie Holly) on responsibilities. Our defensive ends weren’t really defensive ends. They were just pinching, coming off the edges as hard as the can, and you would think they’d have containment responsibilities but it’s actually the backside guys that had the responsibility for containing. It was technically a 4-4 defense and it looked, when the lined up, like a 5-2 but it wasn’t. They did a heck of job from the first quarter to the second quarter but these guys got to learn to keep fighting because about midway through that second quarter it seemed like a lot of the guys put their heads down — and there was no need to — they were battling they were right in there.

Geez, a 6-foot-6 guy with a cannon like (Jimmy Schroeder) has — you could see it late in the game. He relaxed a little more and he picked those guys apart.”

Norte Vista head coach Ken Batdorf:
“I think we wore them out. Spread them out a little bit and they came out with a scheme that we had never seen before and we had to make some adjustment and we did really well, but we didn’t play as good as we’re capable. As a coach I see a mistake here and a mistake here and it frustrates me. Give them credit. They did a good job of getting to the ball. I think it was a lot closer than the score really showed.”

We came out healthy. That’s always No. 1. I’ll take away that defense played fairly well. We made some dumb penalties at the end, and we talked about it and look what happened and they scored. Everything’s teachable. Everything’s fixable. We saw something new and we had to make some adjustments. I just think for us were capable of doing better, and we will do better. I want us to play at a higher level every week. We knew Game 1 you’re always going to have mistakes — we had some for sure tonight.”

We wanted to give (Freddie Holly) 20-plus carries. The biggest thing is to keep him running hard. He had a couple of nice runs at the end of the first half. We have to realize that as good as Freddie is (that) everybody’s going to key on him, and we have Crenshaw who can play. Kilgore’s obviously pretty good, and we had a couple of other guys who made some plays.”

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