CLOSER LOOK: Elsinore’s Anthony Reyes

Take a closer look at Elsinore senior running back Anthony Reyes and you’ll see a high school athlete using every single ounce of his being toward to success of his football team.

This kid is 100-percent hustle. He is sweat, personified, dripping effort and hard work. His muscles, tendons and nerves dedicated to the task at hand: running the football down the backs of the opponent.

He rushed for nearly 1,500 yards and scored 19 touchdowns last season, and is without a doubt the go-to guy for Elsinore this season.

He gained 336 yards and scored five TDs in a win over Irvine Beckman in Week 2, and totaled 136 yards and scored three times during a come-from-behind 28-14 victory vs. Riverside Arlington in a Week 3 game on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016.

We caught up to him afterward. Is the takeaway from tonight that this team can rally to win games?
Anthony Reyes: I would look at our character, and how we were able to persist through the times when it was like, ‘Oh, maybe we’re going to lose,’ because everybody was down and everybody was discouraged because we were down. But coming out of the locker room and having just a couple of words said, it was a total game-changer as shown. Our performance isn’t by our talent or our skill. It’s about who’s willing to play for whom, and that’s when we realized we need to play for each other (and) not for our selfish goals.” When you break off a number of long runs can you see the defense get tired?
AR: “Yes, actually a lot. It actually started in the first half when one of the drives we got all the way down. That whole drive we got 15, 16, 20, 16 and you could just see they slowly started to back off. It did discourage them a lot, but (Arlington) also did a great job of fighting back and I give them all the respect.” What’s been the biggest difference between last season and this season?
AR: “Last year I was an offensive starter and a defensive starter, but not of this caliber. It’s been a different game because last year it was I played and I played but wasn’t expected to do much and we had a senior tailback that was experience and knew what he was doing. This year it’s come down that I’m the senior now and it’s time for me to step y and play my role in the team. Playing both ways, defense and offense, makes me very conditioned. I do it for my team.” How will this game factor next week vs. Fontana Summit?
AR: “Our week has been about ‘next level’. Something new, something to grow on so if I do this every week. Just trying to be my best no matter what happens. Just play my best then I’ll know that’s all I can do.” What it going to take to achieve your goals this season?
AR: “Hard work. We’re not a team of talent. We’re not the big schools. We’re a small farm town, and we sure do pride in how we play as team and as a family. It’s not about one or the other. Maybe at the big schools it’s a little bit different, but out here we have to play for everyone. Even the kids on the sideline and the kids that are injured. We play for everyone. We’re a family.” Have you considered continuing your football career?
AR: “For now I’m just focusing on my season and what I need to do to improve, but I do want to play college football and not many scouts have talked to me yet.”

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