Prep Impressions: Oct. 7, 2016

CORONA (Calif.) — Eastvale Roosevelt had already been knocked out by the time Tommy Leach got punched in the face.

Trailing 18-0 in the first quarter, Leach was attacked — yes, attacked — by an unidentified man during Roosevelt’s 77-20 loss at Corona Centennial on Friday night.

Witnesses said the middle-aged man punched Leach in the face.

“I’d rather not,” Leach said three times when pressed for details about the incident after the game.

The 42-year-old coach was sent to his back scant moments before Roosevelt receiver Chase Williams bobbled-then-hauled-in an 80-yard touchdown reception for the Mustangs’ first points.

It was an electric scene as assistant coaches rear-choke restrained the man who had assaulted Roosevelt’s head coach, all while Roosevelt’s players celebrated an improbable scoring play.

Leach scrambled to his feet as the man escaped out of eyesight. Bystanders were wide-eyed with mouths agape, and hardly realized Roosevelt had added the extra point and were getting set for the kickoff.

All anyone was talking about was ‘Did you see what just happened?’ while nobody meant the amazing grab Williams just made before outrunning Centennial’s speedy defense.

It may be one of the lasting moments from this season, but it had little effect on the game’s outcome.

Roosevelt’s defense allowed Centennial to break its previous record for points scored in the series (63 in ’10) while losing its ninth consecutive to the Huskies since ’08.

Centennial (5-1, 1-0) totaled 638 yards of offense against Roosevelt, scoring touchdowns on each of its first 10 possessions.

The Huskies busted open Roosevelt’s front seven, gaining 375 rushing yards while scoring on runs of 43, 30, 31, 74, 52, 2 and 66 yards.

It was a fight that was over before it got ugly.

Criminal charges may rightfully be coming for the man who attacked Leach — one cannot do that on a school campus — but whoever he was he took it upon himself to see to it that Roosevelt’s players weren’t the only ones who got popped in the mouth.

One Response to “Prep Impressions: Oct. 7, 2016”
  1. David L Bradvica says:

    I was told by a Roosevelt coach — who was not there that night — that the assailant was the father of a linebacker who was upset/mad/pissed off that his son, a linebacker, was not playing in the game. And also that the man bluffed his way on the sidelines by telling security his son was hurt and he needed to go attend to him. This is a truly disturbing incident, the most disturbing I have heard of in my experience with high school football (used to work for the P-E, back in the day). They need to throw the book at this asshole; this was a premeditated assault, and he needs to know that society cannot put up with his self-centered bullshit.

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