CLOSER LOOK: Centennial’s Camron Pitcher

Take a closer look at Corona Centennial junior Camron Pitcher and you’ll see the Huskies’ next great linebacker.

Pitcher was all over the place in Week 8, scooping up a blocked punt and nearly scoring, getting all the way to the 2. A few minutes later he grabbed a tipped ball for an interception and returned to the ball down to the 18.

It was a class performance from a player who might be the linebacker of his class.

Pitcher, a USA Football Under-17 National Team player, has his sights on playing college football at UC-Berkeley.

He had two tackles for losses and contributed assists on at least a dozen other defensive plays as Centennial beat up on Corona High in the first half. The Huskies went on to win, 64-14, on Friday, Oct. 21, 2016.

We caught up with Pitcher afterward as a few of his teammates were chiding him about not getting into to the end zone. What it like to contribute so noticeably without scoring?
Camron Pitcher: “It’s just nice helping out the team, doing the best I can on the field and helping the guy next to me. What was this difference between this week’s performance and last week?
CP: “It starts in practice. We had three great days of practice — they were great — and it really carried over to the team come game day. What can be gained from this game to take into the next into next week vs. Norco?
CP: “It really carries over with our turnovers and our effort. As long as we put our effort forward with another great week of practice, we’re going to following this up with Norco and finish off league with our championship.” What’s the goal amongst the players? Is it state?
CP: “It’s state. We got our eyes on the prize. What the level of intensity between Corona and Centennial?
CP: “On the field it’s very intense. Coaches help with thtat but it’s really up to tguys on the field pumping each other up. Just making sure we get there, do our job and trusting each other on the field. What happened on the interception?
CP: Coach has us run to the ball, full speed, and that’s what I did. Just happened that it was tipped and it happened. Great play. What will you remember about tonight’s win?
CP: Just effort. Just making sure we’re going max-speed effort on every play will always minimize the little mistakes, cause they’re going to happen. As long as you run to the ball you can make plays.


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