Hi there. If you visited this site between 2013-2015 then you know how cool it can be when it’s up-and-running properly — weekly previews, profiles, predictions, post-game antics and unpredictable quotes — but as can’t-miss opportunities have generously popped up we’ve neglected the site more and more (even screeching to a halt last season).

We regret that. Why? Because we want more out of, and we feel we have more to give. We remain dedicated to coverage of Inland Area sports, and to sharing it here with you.

Honestly, this site is a gift. It needs embraced more, and we’ve committed to spending time refurbishing its look ahead of an official restart on Monday, July 30.

So please don’t lose hope. We’re still out here chasing sports dreams in the Inland Area even if we’re not writing about it here, and we’re re-committing to making changes — some subtle, some larger — before we get back to this site’s day-to-day content for what, hopefully, will be forever. That’s right. FOREVER.

As always, if you want to get involved our email is, and we’re at @InlandFieldhaus on Twitter.

— DP —

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