Season Preview: Sunbelt League


(2018 records in parenthesis)

Riverside Notre Dame has had a good decade. In fact, the 2010s have probably been one of the best, most successful stretches for the Titans football program in its entire history. So much so that when Notre Dame left the Ambassador League for the Raincross Conference and the Sunbelt League, any doubts insiders had about a rough transition were quickly dismantled as the team went 9-3 last season. Being a private school in the conference, Notre Dame will be good so long as support remains high from alums and boosters. Lake Elsinore Temescal Canyon might take a step down as their run-heavy offense looks for its next big bruiser, while Elsinore could take a step up if its promising running back duo produces at a high level. Arlington needs to draw some spirit and enthusiasm from its futbol team, and try to find a way to change some things it can control.

RIVERSIDE NOTRE DAME (9-3 overall, 3-0 Sunbelt) will face an early test against Riverside Hillcrest, but without a posted roster to go from it’s difficult to get a sense for Aaron Huerta’s team. Still, the favorite to repeat in as Sunbelt champions.

LAKE ELSINORE TEMESCAL CANYON (6-6, 2-1) can lean heavily on Quentin Evans to get the job done in the middle of the defense, and without another big-time athlete to run the ball, he’ll likely see the ball quite often in the run game.

ELSINORE (4-7, 1-2) has the Sunbelt League’s best offense on paper, but these games aren’t played on paper and we won’t know until we see what kind of damage RBs Devin Van Cott and Gemini Batimana can do.

RIVERSIDE ARLINGTON (0-10, 0-5) has some good depth among its interior linemen, led by 6-foot-3, 290-pound Jayden Khneiser.

Riverside Notre Dame
Lake Elsinore Temescal Canyon
Riverside Arlington

RB/SS Gemini Batimana, Sr., Elsinore
LB/RB Quentin Evans, Sr., Temescal Canyon
DL/OL Jayden Khneiser, Sr., Arlington
WR/CB Aiden Koenig, Sr., Notre Dame
RB/SS Lantz Russell, Sr., Notre Dame
RB Devin Van Cott, Sr., Elsinore

Sept. 13-Arlington at Ramona, 7pm
Sept. 20-Notre Dame vs. Aquinas, 7pm
Oct. 4-Paloma Valley at Notre Dame, 7pm
Nov. 11-Temescal Canyon at Elsinore, 7pm

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