CLOSER LOOK: Norco’s Jacob Rosendahl

Take a closer look at Norco sophomore Jacob Rosendahl and you’ll see the Cougars feature back for the 2021 Fall Season.

For all the doubters, Rosendahl proved his muscle and mettle as the Cougars (5-0 overall) defeated Eastvale Roosevelt in a Big VIII League win on Thursday, April 15.

The 5-foot-10 running back scored on his first carry, his second carry and his fourth carry, and added a 24-yard touchdown reception to lead Norco to its fifth and final victory on the season.

With the ability to shoot between tackles and outrun 95-percent of defensive backs in the Inland Area, Rosendahl has the chance to reach elite status among his class because there’s little doubt about his effectiveness when given some big boys to run off tackle or sweep.

We caught up with Rosendahl after Norco’s 62-20 victory over Roosevelt. He finished with 80-plus rushing yards and four total TDs to help the Cougars complete an unbeaten season. You scored on three of your first three touches. How important was it to come out and set that physical tone?
Jacob Rosendahl: “I think it was very important. There was a lot of trash talk going on before the game and we just handled that. It’s been that way the whole season. We’ve just found a way to win, and it really starts with the line.”

IF: How did things change once you beat Centennial?
JR: “It was great. We wanted to be on top and we knew that if we were on top that we would have to stay hungry, and that was the hardest part, and we did that. We stayed hungry, we stayed ahead of the goal. Centennial was never the goal. League champs was the goal.”

IF: At a school synonymous with running backs, what does it mean to take a leading role with this team?
JR: “It means everything. It’s a dream come true. All I can say is that I’ve prayed for this. I really can’t put it into words. It’s just something special. We have something special going on with this program and everybody can see it.”

IF: How big of a difference maker is Kyle Crum?
JR: “Kyle is the best quarterback in the nation. Like a lot of this team he has zero offers but we love that. We love being the underrated, and it makes us play harder. Kyle Crum is going to be a future draft pick. I promise you.”

IF: What does success now mean for the Fall season?
JR: “It means a lot. We’re going to grow from this. We’re going to stay hungry because that’s what our football program is about, and we’re gonna go win a ring next season.”


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