Season Preview: Mountain Valley League


(Spring 2021 records in parenthesis)

One of the few leagues that crosses the San Bernardino-Riverside County divide, the Mountain Valley League is the home for a solid group of teams hungry for respect. Indian Springs found the right mix in the spring and could really have things cooking so long as this coaching staff sticks together and allows the program the time to slow cook to a simmer rather than rushing it to a boil. San Bernardino looks ready to take a step forward in Shawn Collins’ third season. Jurupa Valley also is in its third year with its coach, Hugo Navarez, and expecting progress. Fontana Miller is set up for success and ready for a new shot at a playoff spot. Pacific and Rubidoux are two programs looking for their first wins of 2021.

INDIAN SPRINGS (3-0 overall, 3-0 Mountain Valley) will give the ball to senior RB Joshua Jones, and scheme to do open up as many hole as possible to run through. Head coach Chris Chaddick has a holistic approach that has attracted some good coaches who cultivate some top athletes.

SAN BERNARDINO (2-1, 2-1) had a good spring to provide hope for the fall, but was it a last gasp of a determined senior class or the promise of what’s to come? Tandem of Luis Gaona Romero and George Jones will combine to carry the Cardinals offense and playoff hopes.

JURUPA VALLEY (2-3, 2-1) got better throughout the spring season and ended with strong back-to-back wins. Is senior QB Angel Alcantar the guy to lead what looks like a pass-first offense?

FONTANA MILLER (2-1, 2-1) has eyes on the playoffs as senior QB Andrew Ridge and WR Luis Dominguez return to lead an offense that played well during the spring season.  .

PACIFIC (0-3, 0-3) starts its eighth season under Mike Aragon, more than three years removed from the Pirates’ last playoff appearance.

RUBIDOUX (0-3, 0-3) has a tough mentality and a tight-knit group that will be in games so long as they can stay healthy.

Indian Springs
Fontana Miller
San Bernardino
Jurupa Valley
San Bernardino Pacific

QB Angel Alcantar, Sr., Jurupa Valley
WR/OLB Luis Dominguez, Fontana Miller
RB Joshua Jones, Sr., Indian Springs
RB George Jones, Jr., San Bernardino
T Gage Halstead, Sr., Pacific
QB Andrew Ridge, Sr., Fontana Miller
RB Luis Gaona Romero, Sr., San Bernardino
LB/RB Lucas Smith, Jr., Rubidoux

Aug. 27 – Patriot vs. Rubidoux
Sept. 16 – Fontana Miller at Fontana
Oct. 1 – Indian Springs at San Bernardino
Oct. 29 – Fontana Miller at Indian Springs
Oct. 29 – San Bernardino at Pacific


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