Martinez Miles, San Bernardino Cajon…

San Bernardino Cajon sophomore Martinez Miles has been selected’s Player of the Week after a wildly productive Week 0-B performance in a 55-14 victory over Rialto Carter in the season-opening game on Friday, Aug. 20, 2021.

Miles completed 5 of 6 pass attempts for 229 yards and four touchdowns as the Cowboys (1-0 overall) produced more than 600 yards from scrimmage in a dominant first victory of the fall.

The 6-foot-3, 150-pound steps into the role of starting QB at a place that has had some pretty good ones lately, and he’ll draw comparisons to perhaps the best – Jayden Daniels – because of his frame and style.

QB Dominic Tubbs (Corona Santiago) – 23-45-0-449, 5 TDs
QB Christopher Cooper (Beaumont) – 25-35-1-387, 3 TDs
RB Eddie Allain (Riverside Norte Vista) – 11-210, 4 TDs



2 Responses to “Martinez Miles, San Bernardino Cajon…”
  1. Martinez Miles Jr says:

    I’m a sophomore, but this is still appreciated ☝🏾

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