CLOSER LOOK: ML King’s Noah Haros


Take a closer look at Riverside King freshman Noah Haros and you’ll see an older-than-average freshman who could be a school legend by the time he graduates.

Haros is primarily a baseball player who wanted to try out for football and now he’s the starting quarterback for the Wolves (2-1 overall), who looked like something resembling an all-around team on Friday, Sept. 10.

The 6-foot slinger can move in and out of the pocket and has plenty of arm strength (see Wolves baseball coach Steve Madril) to make all the throws on a football field, but his mobility may prove to be his greatest asset in the years to come.

Haros is likely to play varsity baseball this spring and could be a four-year letter winner in both sports by the time June 2024 rolls around.

We caught up with Haros after ML King’s 34-7 victory over Riverside Poly. He completed 13 of 21 pass attempts for two touchdowns and more than 230 yards as the Wolves won this rivalry for the first time in three tries. Big games, always, against Poly. How are you feeling right now?
Noah Haros: “I’m feeling good. There’s a little bit of stuff we can work on to get better but the team’s really coming together.”

IF: In the short time you’ve been with this team what has it been like?
NH: “It’s been a fun experience. Our team’s really coming together and we’re going really well. I’m proud of them.”

IF: What’s one thing you want to work on right now, if you could?
NH: “I want to work on trusting my receivers, and my line is playing really hard. I’m proud of them, too.”

IF: Are you more of a baseball guy or a football guy?
NH: “I like baseball more but you can’t beat the atmosphere at a football game. This is great. I love it.”

IF: What pushed you to play football this season?
NH: “I’ve been playing football for a little while and I just wanted to see how fun it could be, and I love it.”

IF: As a 15-year-old freshman, how do you think that extra year of experience will help you?
NH: “I think it’s helped me see that it’s more than a game. We just need to get better and work everyday, and it’s one game at a time. It’s made me realize that you can’t be a little kid on the field. You have to step it up like an adult.”

IF: How does it get better from here?
NH: “I think we see what we want and we just have to work towards it.”

Feature photo courtesy THE PRESS-ENTERPRISE


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