CLOSER LOOK: Centennial’s Jaden Mickey

Take a closer look at Corona Centennial senior Jaden Mickey and you’ll likely see the best player on the field this season.

Mickey is committed to University of Notre Dame but is making sure he saviors every minute for the Huskies (4-0 overall), who blew out another nonleague opponent on Friday, Sept. 17.

The 5-foot-10 defensive back shrugged off a number of tackles to return a kickoff 82 yards for a touchdown, and did see to make throws come his way all night.

Mickey is a consensus four-star corner, and the L.A. Times’ Eric Sondheimer thinks he gives Centennial the chances to beat the SoCal big boys this season.

We caught up with Mickey after Centennial’s 52-7 victory over Long Beach Poly. In addition to the special team touchdown, he had four solo tackles and two passes defended. It looked like you had to break a couple of tackled on the kickoff return but what did you see?
Jaden Mickey: “I said to Demarion, ‘C’mon bro, let me get this one,’ so I switched with him, and I set it up real good. I cut it back across the field and it was all she wrote.”

IF: How much does a victory against Long Beach Poly mean to this team?
JM: “It means a lot. Long Beach Poly is a big name so playing them is always fun. They got a lot of good players over there, a lot of good DBs and athletes all over the field so it was a good game for us. We came out and executed well.”

IF: The run defense was outstanding tonight, allowing less than 30 rushing yards. How much of that can you take credit for?
JM: “All credit to our linebackers and our defensive line. They’re really stepping up this year and showing why their among the best in the country, too.”

IF: Is this team at all focused on the upcoming rematch against Norco?
JM: “Our team is focused on winning the next game each and every week. We have to do 1-and-0 each week, and then the main goal is that state championship.”


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