The Ruckus In Redlands

People do crazy things. Sometimes, people are just crazy.

It seems as though those two thoughts came to an intersection last Friday at Redlands Citrus Valley High School.

In a game already built up as a rematch of a non-league game two years ago in which San Bernardino Aquinas throttled upstart Citrus Valley 74-0, tempers flared and emotions came to a boil as the two teams played a tight affair up until late in the fourth quarter.

According to’s Bill Norris (who was there), “The postgame handshake didn’t happen, as Aquinas refused to come out … which set off another outburst that security, administrators and coaches had to defuse. It was not a pretty picture, and not the way coach Pete Smolin wanted to end the team’s first playoff experience. “We’ve got to keep our composure,” (Smolin) said after the game. “We’re a young team. We have some seniors that have never had any leadership above them.”

According to another source, a personal friend of FOMB (also at the game), “The Aquinas football team needed a police escort to leave the field, and get on the bus. On the Citrus Valley side of the stadium, two different fans, a man a women, attempted to provoke a fight, for all to see, with the Aquinas coaches that were in the booth.”

What can be confirmed is that Aquinas players and coaches required a police escort to their team bus, and that one Falcons player (still un-named) will miss the rest of the season because of personal foul by one Blackhawks’ player (also yet to be officially named) that caused Aquinas’ player to suffer an MCL tear in his right knee.

Fans on both sides are so busy defending their clubs that anger and irrelevance takes the place of fairness and accuracy. And the topic continues to rue in the minds of many.


Should Citrus Valley coach Pete Smolin get the axe? How is the behaviour of his players to be reconciled? And the ‘Hawks weren’t alone in this, as one of Bill Norris’ photos clearly illustrates. What about Aquinas? Does winning the game supersede its transgressions?

Rumors abound regarding Citrus Valley administrative members saying hateful things, fans abusing and confronting coaches upstairs, and even a handicapped individual charging at Aquinas’ sideline before being obtained by security near midfield.

It all sounds like a bad movie plot, and not actually the way adults behave toward one another.

(Dramatic music)

(A deep, plaintive voice): “When they play kid’s games, even the adults act like children.”

(Two football-playing teens collide, and with special effects become a train wreck.)

(Same voice): “It’s The Ruckus In Redlands!”

(Fans and coaches in an all-out brawl in stands.)

“Coming to your local football field in November 2011.”

6 Responses to “The Ruckus In Redlands”
  1. FalconFan says:

    The player who committed the personal foul that tore #64’s MCL was #8, Tim Hunter

  2. Amy Anhaeuser says:

    regarding your comment “And the ‘Hawks weren’t alone in this, as one of Bill Norris’ photos clearly illustrates.” — I reviewed his photos again and again. I believe you are referring to picure #35, yes? Look at picture #34. Look at all the players. You will determine that the pictures were posted in reverse order. You will see Aquinas #58 falling down after trying to block CVHS # 51 from tackling Aquinas # 9 who is the ball carrier. Look carefully. I wish we had this accusation on video as we do the student fighting with his coach. Ten players unable to compose themselves when directed by their coach. Another fighting with an official and had to get ejected.

    • Dennis Pope says:

      It’s clear Citrus Valley was out of control, and anything Aquinas did was retaliatory. In fact, it’s a given, at this point.

      Looking ahead, though, what are the ramifications of this incident? Will anything actually happen when school resumes, or will the administrations be so fat and happy from dinner that they forget all about what happened 10 day prior?

  3. Mike says:

    Nothing will happen! Smolin is the AD at CVHS and he is buddy-buddy with the principal. Smolin has no control

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