Prep Impressions: Week 8-A

I covered the Riverside King-Corona Centennial varsity football game on Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012, for The Press-Enterprise and, and came away thinking what if King had actually defeated Centennial? What would be the impact?

First, there’d be the initial response. Centennial and its supporters would laugh it off as a fluke. King and its supporters would take it as a sign that the Wolves are closer to contention than anyone thought.

Then both teams would be judged far more harshly in their next games than perhaps ever before. If Centennial doesn’t win its next game by a wide margin — and with some style — there could be a fire beginning to smolder. Another loss might be enough to induce panic.

King’s result in its next game would be far more critical. A win would send the program into critical mass heading into Week 10, and perhaps the playoffs. A loss would be more indicative of the history of the program, perennial underachievers, but still an outside shot at the Big VIII League’s final playoff spot.

I can’t imagine how Centennial coach Matt Logan might laugh off such a occurance, or if he’d be assassin-like serious.

King coach Kevin Corridan is so very emotional he might not have been able to stop himself from crying. And that’s no knock on the man. He’s just the kind of guy who puts every ounce of himself into coaching, and you can see it on his face afterward — it’s red and sometimes puffy. He’s practically overwrought seemingly every time I speak to him.

But as it is, King did not hold onto its 14-0 lead. Actually, the Wolves scored only three points the rest of the game in dropping their eighth consecutive game to Centennial.

Centennial coach Matt Logan:
“We kept our composure and scored on every possession since. I was happy with that. Defensively, we’re trying some different things, trying to get better and I think there is a little more of a learning curve. That’s kinda what this is about. Overall, I thought (Webber) played pretty well. He missed a few reads but we’ll go back and watch film and go from there.”

Riverside King coach Kevin Corridan:
“Every week we’re finding a way to get better. We came out early. We competed our tails off out of the game, which is what we really were working on. And then trying to put together 48 minutes and four quarters. Our kids competed their tails off, and had them on the ropes till dang near the end of the game when they pulled away from us. Our identity is running the football. You can put as many in the box as you want — our kids keep answering the call and keep rushing the heck out of the ball. The backs are doing their job, and the O-line are getting off their blocks and they’re exciting to watch. It was good, but they’re a heck of a team. Coach Logan does a great job. Their program is just phenomenal and I hope one day we can get our program to their level. The biggest thing is that we saw that we could compete, and that’s the biggest piece that our kids get our of this. We’ve got a tough league, no doubt about it. In the last six-to-seven weeks our kids have performed. They continue to get more and more confident and put more courage into each game. I’m just excited about our future. Our kids in this community are just doing a great job for us.”

Photo by FRANK BELLINO for The Press-Enterprise

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