Prep Impressions: Week 3-B

I covered the Vista Murrieta-Redlands East Valley varsity football game on Friday, Sept. 20, 2013, for The Press-Enterprise and and came away thinking the Broncos are supremely coached.

This is a team that can withstand quite a bit. It was allowed to forfeit its first five victories of 2011 because of an ineligible player and still managed to win its first CIF-Southern Section Inland Division title.

This season, they’ve lost RB Kishawn Holmes (Sr., 5-9, 175) after he was arrested in mid-September.

So the same thing that happened in 2011 appears to be happening now. The Broncos, faced with unusual circumstance, distraction and adversity, are finding dominant ways to win.

How does that happen? How can a team absorb so many negatives and still be one of the most positive forces in Inland Area football?

Coley Candaele.

The guy just has more hours in a day than the next guy. Well, maybe not. But the 24 (at least) that he does have he uses for winning and little else.

The team is the Area’s best, according the, and it’s hard to argue their point after a 69-21 blowout of Redlands East Valley.

REV has so many attributes (terrific coach, great support, budding tradition) but Vista Murrieta made the Wildcats look like kittens up against its bullish fronts.

Half of that is attitude. The other half is work ethic.

And even though he’d likely downplay his role for that of his fellow coaches, players and support staff, and huge portion is Candaele.

The guy is a tireless grinder, and probably the best coach in the Inland Area.

Vista Murrieta coach Coley Candaele:
“Last year (vs. REV) was a fluke — a lot of turnovers — and a lot of crazy things happened last year. This year, we capitalized on four consecutive drives to start the game and that was huge. We got a few defensive stops and settled down and played some nice defense in that second quarter. We even took a few bumps and bruises today.”

REV coach Kurt Bruich:
“At one point I looked at the clock — and it was 14-13 — and there was still four minutes left in the first quarter. I was like ‘Oh my goodness! This game’s gonna go on forever.’ Coltin Gerhart’s pretty good. I don’t care about back-to-back losses. It’s preseason. We’re gonna try and get better as a football team. We’re playing quality, quality football teams; Quality opponents I guess you’d say. Our kids aren’t afraid to lose. We could’ve had a running clock the whole second half and it wouldn’t have been like this but that’s not what we do. We’re out here to compete.”

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