CLOSER LOOK: Corona’s Nate Sparks

Corona senior Jake Sparks is completing 73.3 percent of his pass attempts (63 for 86) this season. / Photo by DENNIS POPE

Corona senior Jake Sparks is completing 73.3 percent of his pass attempts (63 for 86) this season. / Photo by DENNIS POPE

Take a closer look at Corona senior Jake Sparks and you’ll see a QB that knows how to keep his receiver corps happy.

Sparks has connected with nine different pass catchers this season for 847 yards and 12 TDs.

His role as the on-field leader of the Panthers (4-0 overall) was evident in a dominant 56-0 win over Riverside La Sierra in Week 3.

We caught up with Sparks after he completed 19 of 24 pass attempts (to eight different receivers) for 243 yards and three TDs vs. La Sierra on Friday, Sept. 18, 2015.

FOMB: What’s been going right for your team this season?
Sparks: We’ve been working all year long, we’ve been looking to make a comeback for Corona.

FOMB: What’s the confidence level of this team like right now?
NS: Our mindset, no matter who we play, we just go our and play everybody the same way. We want to score every play. Do our best on every single play, no mess-ups, and if we do that then we’ll win the game.

FOMB: What’s in the way of Corona reaching the playoffs this season?
NS: We haven’t done so great the last few years so we have to kind of overcome that and not forget that but put it in the past. We just have to play our own game.

FOMB: Are there favorites among all your weapons this season?
NS: We got Nick Fecarotta — he’s a great receiver and has been with me for four years. I have Ian Sutherland — he’s an amazing receiver — and our whole offense has been working together for a couple of years now. We got Malik (Walker) in the backfield. We got everyone working. With all these options it’s almost impossible to not complete a ball.

FOMB: What does a 4-0 record mean for this team at this point?
NS: Building momentum, we have to do that because once we get into league we’re playing tougher teams. Our goal is to go 1-0 every week, and come Saturday morning we start all over again.

Pragmatism, a sense of perspective and an ability to spread the ball around. Let’s call it Sparks’ recipe for a happy Saturday morning.

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