CLOSER LOOK: Ramona’s Rigo Cano

Riverside Ramona senior 3B Rigo Cano (.323 BA, 25 RBIs) is among Inland Area leaders with six HRs.

Riverside Ramona senior Rigo Cano (.323 BA, 25 RBIs) is among Area leaders with six HRs. / PHOTO for

Take a closer look at Riverside Ramona senior infielder Rigo Cano and you still might not get a chance to see him without his sunglasses.

Usually perched just below the bill of his Ramona baseball team cap, Cano’s glasses protect vital assets to his athletic future as well as mask some of the most telling emotional queues.

One of the Rams leading hitters, the 5-foot-10, 215-pound senior is batting .323 with 32 hits in 99 ABs. His six HRs places him among the Inland Area’s elite.

We caught with Cano after he went 2 for 4 with a home run, a double and two RBIs in Ramona’s 7-1 win at Riverside La Sierra on Tuesday, May 10, 2016.

@InlandFieldhaus: Your home run was a big moment. What are you going to remember about this game?
CANO: “It picked us up. It got us fired up in the first inning and we started scoring after that. I fired them up pretty good, helped out my team. I’ve always imagined hitting one in high school, so hitting it, helping out my team and doing the best I can.”

@InlandFieldhaus: What kind of pitch was it?
CANO: “He left me a high fastball down the middle, and I sat back and stuck it. I look for outside inside fastballs, so I try to lay off the curveballs.”

@InlandFieldhaus: Back-to-back league titles will look good hanging in your gym, don’t you think?
CANO: “That’ll be sweet. It feels great. The younger guys looking up and thinking, ‘Let’s keep it going!’ It feel good leaving that legacy behind.”

@InlandFieldhaus: “You had the game-winning hit it league-title clinching win. What’s the plan now?
CANO: Just keep solid with our approaches. Keep doing what we’re doing. No slacking off now.”

@InlandFieldhaus: What’s the level of this team right now?
CANO: “This is actually coming together now. We’ve actually become a family here, working together. We tell them, ‘Hey, you’ve got to do this,’ and we try to help them out. Each guy buying into the program.”

@InlandFieldhaus: Do you think teams will overlook you in the playoffs?
CANO: “They sleep on us. They don’t think we’re as good, but we can compete with other teams. Don’t let someone fool you. We can play with you.”

@InlandFieldhaus: Will you pursue college baseball?
CANO: “Trying to go to college. Still not decided on where to go yet. Right now I have two strong options. It’s Long Beach and Mt. SAC.”

More than his sunglasses, Cano is a grinder. He has quick hands, quick feet and can drive a fastball. There’s a spot for a player like him at the next level.

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