CLOSER LOOK: Hillcrest’s Cordell LaBrie

Take a closer look at Riverside Hillcrest junior Cordell LaBrie and you’ll see a kid on the go.

LaBrie has propelled the Trojans (5-2 overall, 2-0 River Valley League) toward taking a step forward this season, with head coach John Brandom using his talents as both a runner and a passer to win those winnable games.

“I think he’s coming on as we’re going as far as how hard he runs and plays so we’re excited about that,” Brandom said. “Cordell’s pretty steady. When it all comes down, Cordell’s a steady kid. When he’s doing his thing we’re moving the ball.”

LaBrie has rushed for 115-or-more yards in five of the six games he’s played, and now has 972 passing yards and eight touchdowns.

He contributed a season-high six total TDs (four rush, two pass) in a 53-20 victory over Riverside La Sierra on Friday, Oct. 14. The victory kept Hillcrest unbeaten in league play, and the ‘The Backyard Bell’ trophy with the Trojans.

We (barely) caught up with him afterward. What was the key to extending the winning streak to four games?
Cordell LaBrie: Having the team get together and play as one unit. We knew coming into the game that it’d be very emotional; Just to play as one unit, as a team (and) go out there and do our job.” What’s your priority right now?
CL: Making sure the O-line knew their assignments. Making sure they knew where they were going, when they’re going and making holes trying to get there.” How do you assess your performance?
CL: I tried to keep my eyes open and look at my receivers waiting for me. I’m not really a passer guy but I do what I have to do to do my job and I know where to throw the ball and when to throw the ball. How’s the rivalry with La Sierra fit in with your family’s history?
CL: It’s great. I appreciate the coaching staff treating me as family. Maybe not so much now. Haha. It’s just a great thing to have to have great coaches like that that support you like that on-and-off the field. Where are the goals for the team?
CL: At the end of the day we’re trying to get to CIF (playoffs) and see what happens from there.


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