Prep Impressions: Oct. 4, 2019


CORONA — The Corona Santiago-Corona Centennial Week 6 varsity football game on Friday, Oct. 4, 2019, went down pretty much as expected, and for the 23rd consecutive time.

For Santiago, it never seems to get any better. Last year the Sharks only scored six points. This year they were held scoreless so statistically they’re actually going backwards, which is unfortunate because their rivals always seem to keep moving forward. And while Santiago has had the edge over Centennial in other sports and other courts, the football game will never be what so many want it to be – a truly competitive inter-city rivalry. It is a fun night of Corona love, though, and nobody from Santiago seems all that broken up about it.

Santiago head coach Scott Morrison, “We just try to get better every day, and it’s been an interesting journey for us this season in a lot of ways. We’re going to maintain our excellence mindset and keep working to get better every day. We play good people, and the reason we do that is because we believe we are good people. This group here (Centennial) is on another level. It’s hard to (compare) because we’re different, and I don’t know if we’re better or worse than we were last year but we’re different, and they’re probably different, too, in their own way. They’re just really good, and that makes it hard to do comparisons because they are so good. They’re elite. Love our guys and we just need to keep working (and) keep trying to get better every day. They’re really good, and they gave us some trouble, and we didn’t handle the pace of it as well as we had hoped, and it’s hard to practice that. Not everybody has those guys to practice against, and if they do then they’re playing them. We don’t try to bring our tempo up. We try to slow the game down, but it’s just really hard to replicate the speed they play with after the ball has been snapped. Again, love our guys and they worked liked dogs, and we’re just going to keep working.”

For Centennial, the tempo in the first quarter was unbelievable. So fast. The Huskies scored in the first two minutes, and then again on a punt block, and then again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. We’ve seen a lot of Centennial games, and we’re not sure they’ve put 35 on a team in the first quarter in a loooooong time. It didn’t matter what ‘Coach’ called because it was working, and the offensive line just dominates, and the speed guys get open, and the QB (whomever it is) makes the right call 11-out-of-12 tries.

Centennial head coach Matt Logan said, “I thought the tempo was good. That was one of the goal we wanted to accomplish in the next few weeks before the playoffs, and tempo was one of them. Very happy with that. They kids did a good job there. It’s tough. It’s even hard to evaluate. We had so few plays tonight that just getting guys in to get work is important. We’re still in the same situation I think, and they’re all playing pretty well for the most part, and that’s why they’re all playing. You’re all playing because you’re good. There are teams that struggle to find one or two, and we have three guys that can play well.”

Santiago – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 — 0
Centennial – 35 – 21 – 7 – 0 — 63
First quarter

C – Simpson pass from Freedland (Angeles kick)
C – Huskies punt block return (Angeles kick)
C – Floyd 10 run (Angeles kick)
C – Floyd 2 run (Angeles kick)
C – Freedland 42 run (Angeles kick), 2:33
Second quarter
C – Floyd 80 run (Angeles kick), 11:30
C – Bryant 28 pass from Mikaele (Angeles kick), 5:26
C – Floyd 46 run (Angeles kick), 1:42
Third quarter
C – Reynoso 15 run (Angeles kick), 3:22
Fourth quarter
No scoring
Individual statistics*
– Santiago: Arent 1-12, Marshall 3-(minus-3), Foster 2-(minus-4), Arambula 13-(minus-8); Centennial: Floyd 4-149, He’bert 1-50, Freedland 2-34, Reynoso 2-14, Mikaele 1-9, Bell 1-3, Retzlaff 1-(minus-7).
Passing – Santiago: Arambula 10-25-1-85; Centennial: Retzlaff 5-7-0-61, Mikaele 4-56, Freedland 5-6-43, He’bert 0-1-0-0.
Receiving – Santiago: Granger 2-28, Siemsen 3-25, Koenig 1-18, Hustava 1-11, Bejines 2-9, Mahoney 1-2; Centennial: Bryant 3-39, Jimenez 2-34, Narborne 1-21, Floyd 1-18, Barnes 2-15, Alvarez 3-13, Smith 1-11, Wilson 1-9.
Penalties – Santiago: 3-30; Centennial: 11-110.
* – From 6:53 in 1st quarter.

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