CLOSER LOOK: Moreno Valley’s Elijah Kelsey


Take a closer look at Moreno Valley sophomore RB Elijah Kelsey and you’ll see a young player just beginning to create a name for himself.


Kelsey has pounded opposing defenses and provided a sense of strength and character this season for the Vikings (9-1 overall, 5-0 Mountain Valley League), who are riding high as winners of three straight league titles.

The 5-foot-11 running back has terrific vision to the hole before exploding through to the next level for big gains in big games. It’s a beautiful thing to watch him reel off three or four consecutive runs to wear out a defensive front seven and send the corners and safeties ducking for cover.

We caught up with Kelsey after Moreno Valley’s 26-11 victory over Moreno Valley Vista del Lago in Week 10 on Friday, Nov. 1. Kelsey had 30 carries for 205 rushing yards and three touchdowns to lead the Vikings back from an 11-8 halftime deficit. How was the team able to switch it up at halftime and regain momentum?
Elijah Kelsey: “First, we had to calm it down and get our team together. Everybody was too big headed. We had to calm down and run it, run the ball.”

IF: You knew you were going to get at least 25 carries. How do you feel about your workload tonight?
EK: “I felt good about it. I just had to come prepared and do what’s best for the team.”

IF: What’s it mean to have such a big game in a big spot like this?
EK: “It was a close game. All I had to do was play for my team and get as many yards as I could.”

IF: What did you see on your 43-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter?
EK: “I seen them stop. I seen them stop chasing me and slowing down, and that’s when I knew it was a touchdown.”

IF: What’s it going to take for this team to advance another step this season?
EK: “We still have to work hard at practice. Then we got to do it on the field.”

IF: Just a sophomore, what do you see as your role on this team?
EK: “My job is to lead the team and get as many wins as we can.”


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