CLOSER LOOK: Santiago’s Bryce Parker


Take a closer look at Corona Santiago junior Bryce Parker and you’ll see a kid just trying to make the dream happen.

Playing football for the first time this season, Parker has been deployed at receiver and to big returns for the Sharks (1-1 overall), who got their first win of the season on Friday, Aug. 27.

The 5-foot-8 guard-turned-wideout had 12 receptions for four touchdowns and nearly 300 yards in the season opener in Week 0, and followed that up with another big performance and two more touchdowns against Ontario Colony in Week 1.

Parker has the moves and speed to get open whenever he wants, it’s just up to his QB to get him the ball. If he and Dominic Tubbs continue at anything near this pace, Parker will lead CIF-Southern Section in receiving in his first season!

We caught up with Parker after Santiago’s 28-7 victory over Ontario Colony. He hauled in six passes for 152 yards and two TDs to help the Sharks find that first kill. What’s going right for this passing game?
Bryce Parker: “Just the chemistry with me and Tubbs and ‘BK’ on the other side. Man, first game I had four touchdowns so they’re game plan was to look at me so that opened it up for ‘BK’ to get  a bunch of yards, and then after the first half it just opened up the field for everybody because the were so worried about both sides. Tubbs, man, putting the ball right there and putting in some great passes and stuff, so I really appreciate my teammates.”

IF: Why are you playing football?
BP: “I’m just trying to have options so I can go to college. It’s a lot of money and I’m trying to get a full ride. Whoever wants me. I’ll go anywhere.”

IF: How have you and Dominic created such a quick chemistry?
BP: “It’s beautiful. We talk everyday at school, and at practice we’re always communicating about what we see on the field, like tonight when I got a little screen pass, I was telling him, ‘Man, you’re too deep, just hit it right here,’ and I scored. He trusts me so I trust him to get me the ball and he trusts me to catch it. That chemistry is just going to build, and we’re going to do far this season.”

IF: Tell us about the late audible where Tubbs went long to you for a 78-yard touchdown?
BP: “The running game opens up the passing game, and they told me on the sideline that the play wasn’t meant for me. But I’d been baiting their corner all game, so I faked him to the post and Tubbs just threw a beautiful ball for me, and that’s going to work all season.”

IF: Do you get the sense that your athleticism can change the outlook for the team this season?
BP: “I was trying to play last year but because of COVID you could only play one sport so I chose basketball, but with this season it’s the chemistry, man, it’s all chemistry. I have a feeling we’re going to go far this season.”

Feature photo courtesy Milka Soko – The Press-Enterprise


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