Player Of The Year: Eddie Allain

Few players get to have a four-year impact at the varsity level. Eddie Allain’s impact will likely last much longer.

Allain joined the pantheon of great Norte Vista running backs this season when he surpassed 2,100 rushing yards as the Braves were a perfect 10-0 during the 2021 regular season.

The 6-foot-1 senior – who splashed on to the scene with more than 1,500 rushing yards as a freshman in 2018 – averaged a CIF-Southern Section-leading 15.3 yards per carry and scored five different ways en route to selection as the 2021 Player of the Year.

During his brilliant four years at Norte Vista, Allain hit defenses with a 9.5 yards per carry average on his way to more than 6,400 rushing yards. But that’s not all…

His career-long touchdown run – 91 yards – matches his career total of rushing touchdowns (91) while he also had a receiving touchdowns, a kickoff return for a touchdown, a punt return for a touchdown and an interception return for a touchdown this season to finish with 98 career trips to the opponent’s end zone.

It was a stone cold fact that Allain was the fastest player on any field he touched during his time, but he added solid work on defense with 68 tackles (25 solo) this season to expand his recruitment opportunities,

We recently caught up with Allain following the season. He seemed content with all that he has accomplished on the gridiron. How will you remember one of the longest four-year stretches in human history?
Eddie Allain: “It’s been great being able to be at Norte Vista all four years and not have to worry about transferring or anything like that. And just being able to have Coach Batdorf and all the other coaches as my coaches has been a blessing. Especially Coach Batdorf. He’s really been great.”

IF: What is something that you liked about returning to football this fall?
EA: “They started doing this thing this year on Tuesday we didn’t do before an that’s eat. We would practice and hang out and watch film but we would never eat. I mean, we would eat but just right before practice so then we would be tired or hungry but this year Batdorf started bringing food for us. He would have people make it for us and it would come. They would make it and deliver it and we would be eating on Tuesdays, and our practices they got way better.”

IF: What was your pandemic lockdown experience like?
EA: “With the pandemic I continued to work out and do what I usually do. It didn’t really stop me from what I have to do or anything like that. It just made me worry about working out and staying on whatever I had to do. We couldn’t go out so anything and everything I had to do, or what I had to do was focus on working out and just worry about doing my school work. Teammates would come over to my house and when we were able to we were going to the park as a team and doing workouts there, and my Dad would train us because he’s a trainer and he’d have us do workouts there. I feel like even though COVID has changed so much we still wanted to be committed and be a team and continue to work hard no matter what.”

IF: Do you see yourself playing running back at the NCAA Division 1 level?
EA: “I can see that. I just have to put on a little more weight but I can see myself doing that because a lot of colleges are wanting me to do that, play running back for them.”

IF: What’s your recruiting experience like right now?
EA: “During the football season I was getting talked to a lot but not so much right now. I’m thinking if no one offers me then I would have to take the JC route and I’m fine with that 100 percent. I feel like if I have to do that then it just gives me more motivation and it makes me work harder because ‘You guys didn’t want me so if I have a big season then you guys are going to want me even more.'”

IF: Do you have a place in the ranks of the great Norte Vista running backs?
EA: “I feel like I do but it also feels great to be in that situation, and Eric and Chris (Melesio) we all know them, but if feels great to be in that conversation with all of them because they’re all great. Even the ones that came before I’ve heard about, and I’m just grateful to be in that conversation with them.”

IF: Are schools sleeping on you?
EA: “Sounds about right. That’s what everyone is saying. Everyone is shocked or surprised that there hasn’t been an offer.”

IF: Will you play whatever position necessary to get a shot at the next level?
EA: “That’s where I’m at right now. The majority of schools want me to play running back but there’s a couple of schools that want to me to play safety, but most of them want me to play running back or offense.”

IF: Do you prefer playing offense or defense?
EA: “To me it really doesn’t it matter but I feel like I’m a better offensive weapon so I’ll say ‘offense’ because I’ll be able to play running back, slot and wide out.”

IF: What are you playing from winter-to-spring to finish out your prep career?
EA: “I’m in basketball right now and going to practice right now, but I’m going to do both track and basketball.”

IF: Is there anything you’d like to add?
EA: “I wouldn’t be here without my family and coaches. I always kept God first and good things come out of that.”


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