FOUR & MORE: Best Inland Area BSOC Coaches


1. Mike Sutherland, Corona — Ask any local boys prep or club coach and they have an opinion about the Panthers’ now long-time coach. Love, like or just can’t stand him, his program is the one the others in his city look up to.

2. Fred Bruce-Oliver, Claremont — Carved out a niche on San Bernardino County’s west end, winning games and claiming trophies while nestled in a soccer-loving, mostly college town.

3. Adrian Villalobos, San Bernardino San Gorgonio — Spartans are contenders because of the way he connects with his players and the level of respect they give in return.

4. Matt Beliveau, Riverside Norte Vista — Other coaches have nothing but good things to say about a good dude who puts on a good tournament.

Steve Brockman, MoVal Rancho Verde — Few coaches invest more of themselves than the Mustangs’ leader.
Jason Schmelzeisen, Ontario Chaffey — Has taken a rudimentary program to new heigts in five years.
Kevin Watson, Riverside Arlington — One of the hardest-working young coaches in the business.

Darren Goodman (Hesperia Oak Hills)
John Kush (MoVal Valley View)
Todd Mapes (Riverside King)


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