Prep Impressions: Friday, Oct. 14, 2016

RIVERSIDE (Calif.) — On a night extolling one of Riverside La Sierra High School’s few football legends, the Eagles did their best to make the game not worth remembering.

Roger Folsom, the school’s first football coach before serving as athletic director, was on hand as ‘The Backyard Bell’ was named in his honor.

The Eagles, however, never seemed to show up in a 53-20 loss to Riverside Hillcrest on Friday, Oct. 14, 2016, in a pivotal River Valley League game.

“I don’t think that Coach Folsom just cares about wins and losses,” La Sierra’s second-year head coach Garry Hedlund said. “I think that he would be proud that the kids showed class. They didn’t do anything inappropriate. We played hard to the end and we didn’t quit. I think that when you can do that as a team there’s merit in that.”

Since winning its season opener, Hedlund’s team has now lost six consecutive and looks certain to miss the playoffs for the second consecutive season.

“Although the losses hurt, they’re not as important as helping these guys become better people,” he said.

La Sierra’s rushing attack was held in check, totaling just 75 yards. The 5-foot-6 sophomore RB Gabriel Simmons gained just four yards on three carries.

“He tries his best and that’s all you can ask,” Hedlund said. “Kid’s a good kid. Love him to death.”

Eagles QB Roman Aguirre was forced to attempt 40 passes, but his completion percentage was under 50-percent for the first time in four weeks after competing just 18 of his tries.

“Sometimes it doesn’t go your way. But I think in life things don’t always go your way, so you can learn somethin from it,” Hedlund said.

Since winning its first game vs. Hillcrest, 58-0, La Sierra has lost the last two in somewhat embarrassing fashion. The Eagles have been outscored by the Trojans, 97-26, in these last two games.

“They grow up with these guys,” Hedlund said. “I think Arizona Middle School and Villegas Middle School split right down the middle between the two schools, and when you have kids you’ve known your whole life playing high school football you want to beat them.”

Well you can forget about it this season.

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