CLOSER LOOK: Norte Vista’s Chris Melesio

Norte Vista’s Chris Melesio finds room vs. Moreno Valley on Friday, August 31, 2018. (Photo by Milka Soko for SCNG)

Take a closer look at Riverside Norte Vista senior RB Chris Melesio and you’ll see a player who has learned from his older brother, yet still suffers from the same bumps and bruises.

Melesio was a sophomore defensive back and kick returner when his brother, Eric Melesio, was setting records as the lead ball carrier in the Braves’ punishing rushing attack. Fast-forward two years and Chris is in the same spot as Eric, getting the ball as many times as he can possibly can.

And while Chris is bigger than his older brother was two years ago – by about 15-20 pounds – he lacks a bit of Eric’s breakaway speed.


We caught up with Melesio after Norte Vista’s 21-12 victory over Moreno Valley in Week 2 on Friday, Aug. 31. Melesio finished with just 86 yards on 23 carries (3.7 yards per carry) with a touchdown. He left the game after his final carry, a five-yard gain mid-way through the fourth quarter. How’s the knee?
Chris Melesion: (Shrugs).

IF: With whatever this victory cost, what do you think it means for this season?
CM: It means a lot. We made it here as a team. You have no idea what I did today for my team, but I just couldn’t finish. Now we’re just looking forward to the next game. We know we have to work harder in the weight room (and) work harder on the field to progress toward another victory.

IF: Is this the type of team performance we can expect with the team grinding out every victory?
CM: It’s going to be a dog fight all year. That’s what it’s going to be and that’s how we play. We ram that ball down and down the field. Just keep running that ball, man.

IF: Is your knee injury something you thing is going to last all year?
CM: It’s going to have to. I’m going to have to do what I can for it to last all season. Just keep fighting. Just keep pushing.

IF: What does it mean to carry on the Melesio name at Norte Vista?
CM: It means a lot, honestly, because we didn’t come from a football family. We just did whatever, but we just love football and we’ve done really well with it.

IF: You seem like more of a vocal leader that Eric was. How have you grabbed the leadership role for the team?
CM: It’s been difficult because it’s not always going to go your way, and you have to be a captain to lead your team and stay positive and continue on with the games and the practices, and just being there for the team, the coaches and the family.


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